Grid maker

This grid maker can build 3d grids in the form of spheroidal shells, toruses, or bipolar outflows, or any superposition of these. It's suitable for creating grids with up to a few tens of thousands of points; anything bigger becomes slow to generate and visualise. The visualisations are plotted using vis.js. The page was originally developed to make grids for use in mocassin, but they can be used in any code that requires Cartesian grids.

A cookie is set so that the last grid you created is here the next time you visit. Click here if you want to delete it.

General parameters

nx: ny: nz:
Grid cell size proportional to rwhat?:

Shell component

Inner radii: x: y: z:
Outer radii: x: y: z:
Particle density proportional to rwhat?:
Particle density at shell inner radius 1:

Torus component

For an inclination of 0, the torus lies in the XY plane and so is in the plane of the sky when viewed along the z-axis.

Torus radius: Tube radius:
Particle number density at inner and outer edges:
Inclination (degrees):

Bipolar component

The bipolar component is modelled as a shell lying between two ellipsoids with vertices at the origin, opening out along the z-axis.

Inner ellipsoid semimajor axis: Semiminor axis:
Outer ellipsoid semimajor axis: Semiminor axis:
Particle density proportional to rwhat?:
Particle density at distance=semimajor axis:
Cutoff at z=:

Clumpy component

If included, this option will replace a specified fraction of grid cells with a clump defined either by a density contrast or an absolute value. Currently, clumps are distributed uniformly throughout the volume; clumps distributed as a function of radius will be implemented soon.

Clump fraction:
Density :


Density indicator:

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