This page lists codes that I have written, ranging from substantial codes for data measurement and analysis to small scripts for minor tasks.

Emission line measurements and analysis
alfaautomated line fitting algorithm, for measurement and identification of emission lines
neatnebular empirical analysis tool, for calculation of physical conditions and abundances from emission line measurements
equibonline version of the Howarth et al. code for calculating atomic level populations and line emissivities
bacánbasic calculation of a nebular spectrum
General research utilities
astro-ph sorterlist up to 30 days of astro-ph abstracts, sorted according to your research interests
airmass.orgvisibility plotting tool for observation planning
rotation diagram makersimple LTE temperature estimation for molecular observations
grid makermake 3D grids in the form of ellipsoids, toruses, bipolar outflows and superpositions thereof. Suitable for use in mocassin
flux unit conversionconvert wavelengths and fluxes between various units
simple IMF analysisbasic info about the stars in a particular mass range of the specified IMF
dust size distribution makerfor use with mocassin
simple dust SED plotterplot the SED of an idealised dust cloud
General interest
moons of Jupitershows the positions of the Galilean moons of Jupiter
binary separation calculatorcalculates the current separation of visual binary stars in the USNO catalogue
Further information
philosophya few thoughts on good practice when coding
source codemy repositories on
packagespre-compiled binaries for Debian and derivatives